October 4th  - November 1st 2003
Hearts and Ducks
 video's and photography by

Francesco  Paladino 

Karini Maria Assunta  

Francesco Paladino read in the newspaper that a ship sunk near the coast of Indonesia.  The cargo contained ten thousands of plastic ducks, beavers, turtles and frogs. The cardboard boxes, in which the bath toys were contained, disintegrated. The ducks etc. went on a trip from the Pacific to the coasts of Alaska and Iceland. In 2001 they were seen near the place where the Titanic went down. And nowadays they will reach the coast of New England in the USA.Francesco follows the ducks during their journey through the abstract and realistic world. Watching this video, the original cut is five hours, is like sitting in front of a fire place. It's a relaxing experience for easing stress.

(Due to the music in this video I could hardly keep my eyes dry.  Fred Rohde)

A copy of the 30 minutes video 'Ducks' is during the exhibition for sale for only ...........euro.

For Karini Maria Assunta the heart is alive, pulsating, bloody and, above all, real:  the true beginning of our life and history. A bleeding heart is creating a chasm between the spiritual, positive signified and the physical, disturbing signifier.
The symbolic meaning of the heart is different from culture to culture.

(Kapa is the art logo that identifies Karini - Paladino's works

During the opening times of the gallery we will also show very interesting other short  Kapa - films on video.
opening: zaterdag 12 oktober 15.00 - 17.00